Arnas Goldberg

As a native Lithuanian who has also lived in Denmark, Norway and Indonesia, I'm now an avid traveller exploring the world while working as a designer.

Photography for me is more of a hobby. But while I enjoy shooting for my own pleasure I am starting to seek for opportunities to connect with others for lifestyle photoshoots or expedition style documentaries somewhere remote.

And even though I got into photography only when I started capturing my nomadic lifestyle, photography is something that starts with my family. Both of my parents are professional photographers who have always encouraged me to have a camera in my hand.

For a living I create. In 2008, when I was about 16 years old I started my design career as a self-taught freelance logo designer and illustrator. I then gradually added front-end development, animation and various other skills to my repertoire. Nowadays having joined my forces with a bunch of bright and cool people at Hanno I create and curate visual stories for somewhat quirky startups and pretty serious companies that are looking to grow.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Emanuel Gómez Miranda
Bangkok, Thailand
Pieter 'Levels'
Hong Kong

I usually struggle to define my profession with just one or two words. But I see myself as one of those unicorn designers (or at least the one who's getting there) who spends a lot of time staring at a screen and dealing with vector curves, writing front-end codes, setting animation keyframes and doing whatever it takes to convert my creative ideas into something that tells a story, looks beatiful and evokes emotions.

Besides design and photography, I appreciate some time off screen too. I love traveling and exploring the great outdoors—you can find me hiking somewhere in Norway, sailing the Mediterranean Sea, motorcycling in Bali or stargazing in Australia.

You can also follow my life journey on Instagram or just say 😉👋🏼